Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perry at 2 Months

Little miss is doing wonderfully these days. Can't really complain about anything! She's stopped having her screaming fits before bed. After one particularly rough evening, we went out and bought, Mylacon, gripe water and colic drops. Don't know which has helped or if she's just growing out of it, but I don't care! She sleeps through the night for the most part, which I am so grateful for. She and Davis both really spoiled me with that. Doc said she is a shorty, which I was surprised to hear. Elliot and Davis were always on the higher end with height. Now that's not to say she won't shoot up later down the road.
Height: 22in--34%
Weight: 9 lb 10.5 oz--22%
Head: 14.57 in--8%

Here are some pictures that I've been meaning to post. The last one is her 2 month shot.
Feb 4- Dressed for church
Feb 8
Feb 11
Feb 24
 2 months

Monday, February 18, 2013

Klyde Warren Park

The weather was nice so we went to check out the new Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. It's built on top of HWY 75. It's pretty cool since it's right in the middle of all these tall buildings. They had a lot of open grass space that you could run around in. They also had a lot of tables and chairs to sit at which was nice. There was a great kid area too. We'll definitely have to go back when it's a bit warmer so the kids can play in the water part. With it being President's Day, it was really crowed, so I look forward to coming back on a random weekday.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

I love all holidays and do my best to make them special, especially for the kids. This morning they woke up and found their envelopes with chocolates and a card inside.

Elliot's envelope had a water color book inside too. She was thrilled about this.
Heart pancakes for breakfast! You can't tell but there's also red and pink chocolate chips in them.
Here's Davis checking out what's inside.
Saw this heart sandwich idea on pinterest. Cute & simple! It's just a pb sandwich with sprinkles.

And here's our newest valentine.

And now for the adult's...I told Lane not to get me anything, but he got me a gift card to Marble Slab which I was not about to get mad at :) Instead of fighting the crowds by going out to dinner, I wanted to do something a little more low key, but still fun. So I roped by brother and his wife into hosting a little party at their place (Remember I'm still living at my parent's, so their house was out of the question). Anyway, we had two other couples come and everyone brought their kids. Each couple brought an appetizer & dessert, so there was lots of good food. 
Yes I made him wear this shirt, but if I'm being honest he didn't really resist much. When I told my brother that I wanted each couple to make shirts, he put the kabosh on that idea. In fact I don't even think he told the others about it. Whatever, it was still fun. 

Because I love all things cheesy, I came up with a little scavenger hunt to send the guys on. I actually stole this idea from a friend who did it last year. I even used one of her clues word for word. It was very simple. I only sent them to a few places. Here's how it went:
This sent them to a park in my brother's neighborhood. There they found a clue that read: "Here is everything you need, time to show your creativity. Sonnets and rhymes may not be your game, but to us it's all the same. Write a card for your wife, the love of your life!" I had them send us a picture with their cards for their next clue.
The next clue read:
Each hubby sent a picture of their wife's favorite flower. Now in my head I wondered if they would actually buy the flowers. I came to the conclusion that Lane & Brad would be the ones to do it and Donnie & Justin would not. The clue did not say to buy them, so I couldn't really hold it against them. Well I was wrong and not one single guy bought flowers for their wife! Sadly I wasn't too surprised. We had to settle for just the pictures instead.
Next clue:

Final clue:
"You have all the pieces that make up a perfect night: card, candy, flowers- you're doing alright. Present them to your lover and get ready to eat, and then there will be one last game to complete."
Those flowers in my brother's hand came from their dining room table. Once we ripped into them for not getting us flowers, he grabbed those. Anyway, that was the scavenger hunt. They said it was actually pretty fun for them, so I was pleased.

After that we all ate and then we played a newlywed game. I really enjoyed our night and hopefully everyone else did too. I wouldn't mind doing something like this every year.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fun Day

Lane has been working for the past 12 days straight, so we were so happy when he had a day off. We decided to treat the kids to some fun. There's a place in the mall that has tons of bounce houses & it was only $10 for both of the kids. They had so much fun!

"Thumbs up"