Saturday, February 28, 2015

Crazy Texas Weather

We have had some major weather issues this past week. They canceled school twice because of ice and had early release one day because of snow. Our mail didn't come for 2 days either! This is probably the most snow I've seen Texas get in ages. As you can see by the footprint picture, we had about 2 inches. The kids went out to play in it a couple of times. Perry of course hated it for the most part and stayed out only about 5 minutes. Elliot and Davis lasted about 30 minutes. Lane ended up building the snowman by himself because Elliot bailed on him 1 minute into it. I'm definitely ready for things to get back to normal. I think we have 2 more days of cold and then it will be 70 degrees! And then the next day it will go back to freezing. This weather has definitely cramped our style. We had a hotel & massages set up over the weekend that we had to cancel. I was very upset about that because we are not able to reschedule until around May! Snow, you've been cool for a while, but you gots to go!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

California Visitors

Lane's sister Alys (and her family) came to visit us. It's been about 3 years since we've seen them, so it was quite a treat. The kids had so much fun together and I really loved them getting to know each other better. We had a blast at Great Wolf Lodge, rode the train, had a picnic, movie night and just enjoyed each others company.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Giving up the Yum Yum

 This was a long time coming. I have to say Perry took it pretty well. Once I decided to start the ridding process, she seemed to be ok with it. I gradually snipped the end off the yum yum until there was nothing but a nub left. I did the same with Davis & that seemed to work. I simply told her she was too old for the yum yum & it had to go bye bye.

Testing out Preschool

I signed Davis up for a very relaxed preschool this semester. It's once a week for 2 hours. It's at the teacher's house and there's only 8 kids. So far he seems to love it. Surprisingly he was able to tell me everything they did. Way more details than I ever get from Elliot. They made patterns, bracelets and sang songs. When I asked him to sing me the song, he said, "No I can't because I already sang it at school." I snapped a few pictures of him before we left. It was freezing outside which would explain why he's shrugging his shoulders.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Big Girl Bed

We've been putting off moving Perry to a big girl bed for quite a while now. She was still doing really well in her crib and we didn't want to mess things up. But the time finally came for us to make the move. We bought her a mattress & just put it on the floor. We also bought her a bed too, but I want her to get the hang of it first before we set it up. So far it hasn't been going too well. At night, she cries and cries until I finally cave in and lay down with her until she falls asleep. I do NOT want to be doing that every night! What makes it hard is that she shares a room with Elliot and it's not fair to her to let Perry cry it out. Although last night I let Perry cry for a good 30-45 minutes. But I couldn't take it anymore and had to go in there. The weird thing is that the past 2 days she's taken a nap without any problem. Who knows what the difference is. Anyway, can't wait until she gets the hang of it & we can all get some sleep!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The time Perry wouldn't leave the handyman alone. She kept getting closer and closer...

The time Elliot swore she could fit into Perry's size 2T pjs.
The time Elliot dressed her unicorn for a full week.

The time my best friend Marianne came to visit for the first time in 5 years!
The time a tupperware box entertained Davis for quite some time.
The time I told Elliot NOT to take the permanent marker and she decided to use it as eye shadow.
The time we rode the mall carousel for the umpteenth time.

The time Davis wanted to take a picture with his tongue sticking out.
The time Perry started waking up at 5am and fighting her naps resulting in her falling asleep in different spots.

The time my kids sat next to each other without fighting for more than 5 seconds.
The time they discovered the merry go round at the park.