Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This year we had a Minnie Mouse and Clark Kent/Superman. Lot's of pictures to follow. The first 4 pictures are from our Church Halloween party.

 Today is actually Halloween. Elliot helped me make bat cookies. She put the eyes on them.
 Pictures before we head out to trick or treat.

 Waiting for candy. She went with her cousins.

 This little guy didn't do so well. He pretty much fussed the whole time. Lane had to carry him.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Camping the Good Way

Indoors! We have been wanting to take Elliot camping, but at the same time didn't know if she was ready or not. So we decided to do things inside. Much more convenient. We tried to keep things a little authentic with smores. The fireplace is the next best thing to a campfire:)

 Here's our tent. She was really excited about this.

 And we watched a new movie: The Sword in the Stone. So ya, there was technology, but it made for a nice evening.
And let me just say that I'm glad we did this trial run because at 11:45pm she was squirming all over the place & we ended up moving her to her own bed. I was actually happy about this because being pregnant and sleeping on the floor do not go together.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

Today we took the kids to pick out a pumpkin. We tried to tell Elliot to pick out the pumpkin, but she always seemed to pick the worst looking one, so we had to redirect her. In the end, we found a good one, actually 2. We got her a small pumpkin because she wanted to paint it.

She told daddy she wanted the jack-o-lantern to be scary and this is what Lane came up with.
I just love this picture of Elliot. She looks so grown up.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We Moved... with my parents. Yep, you read that right. About a month ago I asked Lane if he would be interested in doing that and we made a list of pros & cons. It seemed like there were a lot more cons, but the pros had more weight to them.  So we agreed that we would. Then the day after we decided, we changed our minds:) Then about a week later, we were back on board. As you can see it was a difficult decision. It's not like we had to move. Lane has 1.5 years left in his residency program and after that we would like to buy a house. A house we would live in forever or at least a good while. So my mind started thinking of all the things we could put the money we'd save towards: down payment on a house, furnishing the house, Lane's med school loans. Just those 3 things alone will take a lot of money! And where we're at right now, we aren't able to save that much each month. Plus I'm about to have a baby in 2 months, and if I'm being honest, I'm already worn out, so some extra help while he's at work would be really nice. It's hard to give up your space and become apart of someone elses. But my parents have a pretty good set up. They have a finished out basement with a living room, bathroom, bedroom, and office. So we can stay down there a lot if we feel like it. The kids both have their own rooms upstairs. We pretty much share a kitchen, although we do have a refrigerator/freezer and some shelving set up for our own food downstairs.

Anyway, we are moved in now. The past 3 days I have put in about 15 hours of work. I told Lane I have probably lifted way more than I should have. I don't know how we always manage to move when I'm pregnant. And 2 of the 3 times have been towards the end of my pregnancy. Now that almost everything is in it's place, I have to say it feels good.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Davis' Birthday Party

We finally got around to having Davis' party. It was hard to find a day where Lane wasn't working. Things were a lot more low key this time around. We just had family over to the house to eat. We were going to put a bounce house up for the kids, but they were having so much fun in their room, that we just scrapped that idea. Easy. His party was a Fall/pumpkin theme.
Invite. I took this picture back in September & I think he looks so much older already!
 Savory table. We had: bbq sandwiches, chips, cheese dip, bacon cheddar dip (my personal favorite) & nuggets for the kids.
Sweet table. There were: spice cupcakes with pumpkin icing, gingerbread cookies with pumpkin Hershey Kisses & pumpkin fluff dip with cinnamon graham crackers.
 Cupcake time. This kid really enjoys getting sung Happy Birthday.

The only shot with the birthday boy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

28 Weeks

Today was the glucose test & I passed :) I also got a flu shot & the RhoGam shot. I gained 1 pound since my last appointment which was a relief. I have to admit at this point, I am feeling run down. Any time I bend over to pick up toys, Davis or whatever, my stomach contracts and I have to stop and take a break. I think it's safe to say that overall I'm just uncomfortable. Not good since I still have a ways to go. The restless leg syndrome is in full force too. I have to stretch really good before I go to bed every night. Baby bangs are a beast. There is no amount of product I can use that will make them unnoticeable. It's just something I've had to deal with. From now on appointments will be every 2 weeks.

Disturbing the Peace

Last night we were awakened by a car horn. It was 12:30am and we had been asleep for about 4 hours. At first I thought it was some inconsiderate person honking outside of someone's house. But after about 5 minutes of continuous horn, I thought someone must have been killed & was laying on their horn. Dramatic I know. I've seen too many movies. Lane decided to go outside to investigate. I did not want him to do this because I'm a wimp. So I watched out the window as he went down the street to find the car. He tracked down the noise to a car parked outside of a vacant house that sits cadi corner to ours. No one was inside. It was as if the car was possessed. The doors were locked. So he comes back inside and I tell him the only thing we can do is call the police. So we did. Within a couple of minutes they were checking things out. We were hoping they would use some tools to jimmy the car open, pop the hood & disconnect the battery. But instead they stood around scratching their heads. Finally, I guess they pulled the license plates to find out where the car was registered to & got the owner to come outside to turn it off. This was all in about a 30 minute time span. When Lane saw who the owner was (the house 2 doors down), he got so mad. He's a younger guy and should have checked his car. Somehow our kids slept through this. Thank goodness!
Annoying facts about this whole situation:
1) Not one other neighbor got up to investigate this. I know most of them are old, so maybe their hearing aids were turned off, but come on people, this was LOUD!
2) Not one person went outside to see if it was their own car. Where is their sense of responsibility?
3) The idiot who the car belonged to came out shirtless. He should have been ticketed for that alone.  Or for the fact that his car was parked the wrong way in front of some one elses house. Or the mere fact that he didn't come out to investigate. I really don't care what the reason would be, as long as he got a ticket.
4) Lane had to wake up at 4am for work, so this did not help any.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Davis' 1st Hair Cut

I finally broke down & took Davis in for his first real hair cut. He has his 1 year pictures in a week, so it had to be done. Surprisingly he did really well.

Here is a shot before:

 First "spike"
Not sure how I feel about the spiky hair. I'll have to try it again to see if it grows on me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch in Flower Mound the other day. I love this place. It's such a great deal. $5/car. Everything is free to do unless you want to buy food or pumpkins. We spent about 2 hours out there taking pictures with different cut outs, Elliot playing on the bounce house and hay maze, and going on the hay ride. Lane's mom & Rich, sister Aly & her boy Asher and SIL Lexi  & her kids Suzi & Vince came too. We had such a great time.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Davis!

My little guy is 1! We celebrated as a family the day before because Lane will be at work all day on his actual birthday :( We didn't really have anything planned. After Elliot's 1st birthday being a complete disaster, my expectations were lower this time nonexistent. And I'm glad they were because he was super fussy pretty much all day. By 3pm, I told Lane we just need to get out of the house so he can be happier. We went to Braum's again. And that did the trick. Then we just drove around really nice neighborhoods dreaming one day...When we got back home, we went ahead and sang happy birthday since he was in a better mood.

 Elliot helped him blow out the candle.
He's halfway through with his cupcake. He LOVED it!
 We got him Scout, the dog next to me. You can program him to say his name and sing songs, etc. Then we're reading his card. When I told Lane I needed to buy him a card, I got a big eye roll. But I told him there is no way I wasn't buying my little boy a 1st birthday card, so he can look back on it when he's older.
Mommy, Daddy and Davis

At this point, he is able to walk across the room. He still reverts to crawling half the time, but he's taking the initiative. He also FINALLY started to wave and clap. Like literally on his birthday. I don't know what he's been waiting for. As far as talking goes, he babbles dadada the best & occasionally says mamama, but not very often and not for us. He is very into biting at the moment. And we call him Dinosaur Boy because he'll occasionally start talking in a dinosaur like voice. Lane thinks we should also give him the nickname of Muffin Man because he is obsessed. He sure does love carbs! He's been sick the past 2 weeks with congestion which has caused him to have a bad cough and runny nose. Hopefully he'll get over it soon because I'm tired of waking up between 5-6am. That's right. Every day. Not fun. 
Height: 2'8"--95%
Weight: 21 lb 4oz--25%
Head: 46cm --34%