Monday, December 31, 2012

Way to End the New Year

Hope you have a great New Year's Eve!

She's Here!

We arrived at the hospital at 6am. They started my pitocin at 7am. I started having contractions at 8:30am. At 10:30am I received my epidural.
Here I am getting it put in. And you will notice Lane passed out on the couch. My anesthesiologist was like, "what's wrong with him?"
Moving on...I was so numb I couldn't feel a thing, much less move. By 1pm I was fully dilated and the epidural was starting to wear off. After about 3 sets of pushes, she arrived at 1:26pm.
Perry Leighton Blankenship
 Weighing in at 7 lb 7 oz.
 Measuring 21 inches long.
 When they put her on my chest, I felt an overwhelming love for her.
 She's just the sweetest thing.
 Amy and Regina stopped by later to meet her.

 She's such a party animal already. Ready to ring in the new year.
 With her daddy.

I still haven't slept for the past 37 hours. I'm very tired and hope to get some sleep tonight. Highly doubt it, but I can dream.

What are the odds

Lane & I had just finished watching a movie & we hear a thud upstairs followed by my mom moaning, "oh no!" We both run up to see her lying on the floor. She thinks she broke her leg. Thank goodness Lane was there because I start crying & he's the level headed one. He does a quick exam & decides to call an ambulance for her. There's no way to safely move her, so it's the best bet. They show up & sidenote-I know one of them. Used to hang out with him about 10 years ago...weird. Anyway, they load her up & off to the hospital they go. Lane drives up there to make sure everything goes smoothly.
After x-rays we find out that she has a midshaft femur fracture. Between her knee & hip the bone is in pieces & she'll have to have surgery tomorrow. So while I'm having a baby, she will be having surgery. Talk about stress.

In the meantime, I'm running around the house making lists & packing stuff for the kids since we obviously have to make other arrangements for people to keep them. I'm also packing things for my parents to take up to the hospital. Things are a bit crazy! It's now 1:30am on December 31st & I have to wake up at 4:30am to head to the hospital.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here Today...

Gone tomorrow!

I go in tomorrow morning at 6am to be induced!

Christmas Round 3

When you have a lot of family, you have a lot of celebrating to do! The day after Christmas, Lane's mom & Rich came over in the morning to have Christmas with the kids. We really enjoyed their visit.
 Davis exploring his new puzzle that makes sounds.
 Mimi & Elliot showing off her new book about tails.
 Uncle Hunter showing Davis his book about animals.
 A fun color matching picture game.
Davis boy

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

We were so excited for the kids this Christmas. We had fun picking out their gifts. I've come to the conclusion that at age 0-1, you really could care less, at age 2 you're starting to get it and like it, at age 3 you're really excited about what's coming, and I'm pretty sure at age 4 you will be a pro.
Elliot going to see if Santa has come.

Their stockings. Santa left green nuts (pistachios), candy cane, chap stick and High Five magazine.

 Checking out Santa's gifts. I really thought we would get a bigger response out of Elliot, but I think she was very curious. She warmed up later and really loved all of her presents. If you ask me, Santa was way to generous.

Davis really liked Lightning McQueen too. I'm sure it will be passed down to him.
She will have so much fun with this art table. Perfect size for her. And there's a magnetic dry erase board underneath with letters.
 Does this thing work?
He really took to all of her toys. These skates were the only thing she asked for from Santa.
After presents, we went upstairs for a nice big breakfast courtesy of my mom. I realize I should have taken a picture of the food too. We had bacon spinach quiche, sausage egg burritos and cinnamon rolls.
 Cousins have arrived and mayhem is about to ensue.

Pillow Pets for everyone!
Yes, even you Davis.
 And what do you know? It snowed on Christmas! Elliot was so excited. She said, "It finally snowed in Texas!" I was telling her last week we probably wouldn't see snow because it's too warm in Texas. But the weather Gods showed me.

White Christmas after all.
Although it's pretty exciting getting snow today, I wish Lane was at home instead of at work. He had to go in right as it started snowing and doesn't get off until midnight. By then all the bridges and roads will be really bad. He said he saw 6 wrecks on the way to work. I think I'm going to tell him to sleep there tonight. I will be a nervous wreck!

Merry Christmas

This was our Christmas card this year. I had to scan it into my computer which is why it looks all grainy.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

We had a lovely Christmas Eve over at Alan & Brenda's (Lane's dad) house. Brenda always outdoes herself with the food. I pretty much grazed the entire time. Lane's sister, Aly, and her family were there as well.
 Davis & Asher with PaPa. These 2 kids are only 1 month apart.
 Brenda and Elliot
Uncle Hunter and Elliot
Attempt at a family picture. Not sure what Elliot is doing...
Chris, Aly and Asher
Dad and Davis
 Davis' 1st present. He had one last year, but now he can actually participate in the unwrapping.
 A train!
 He loves this dancing singing thing. I didn't get any pictures of E unwrapping gifts, but just know that she got plenty!
Concert time! This was my favorite part of the night. Lane's family is so musical. They put on a great show and it was very relaxing to listen to. Hunter is playing a drum box thing, Aly sang and played the flute and Chris played the guitar.
Engrossed in the music.
Davis loved clapping at the end of each song.