Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Weekend

On Saturday we went to our neighborhood egg hunt. It was just my style. No crazy amounts of people, food, Easter bunny, egg hunt & train ride. There are not a lot of people in our neighborhood with kids, so it's mostly just grandkids that come.

That night, we did our annual Easter egg dye party. The kids loved it. And  now that I think of it, I need to start eating all of those eggs!
Easter Day Photos

Easter baskets & family egg hunt. We just hid them inside the house.

 Egg hunt at Grammy & Poppy's
It was raining when we got home, so I threw caution to the wind & let the kids play in the rain. It was perfect timing. Baths were next on our list.


Davis Lately

So I thought I would give a little update on my Bubalouie. Since my last post about his behavior, I went into full search mode for any piece of information that would help me tame this terrible two year old. I read about 5 books looking for answers. We tightened up the reins on the house rules too. If he hit, he went straight to his room. If he started crying, he went to his room until he could be happy.  And usually he wouldn't even make it to his room before he was coming back tear free. Before I could finish all my books, it seemed like he was a completely different child. Over the past few weeks, he has been so much better. So much in fact that I would say I'm no longer worried about him. I am going to finish up my last book, "Toddler Rules" by Jo Frost aka Super Nanny, because I like her & the way she writes...straight forward.

Some things about Davis lately...
-He is my most loving child. He is constantly giving me hugs & kisses.
-He is great about saying please & thank you.
-When you ask him a yes or no question, he always responds, "aaahh yes/no"
-He loves playing with sidewalk chalk & outside on the swing set. He likes to take his tools out there & "work" on the treehouse.
-He has a dead tooth. And it just had to be his front one. Gross. Luckily his top lip covers it pretty well.
-The other day Elliot ran inside to tell me that Davis was going to the bathroom outside. I walked around the back of our house & sure enough there he was, pants around his ankle, diaper thrown to the side & squatting. NEVER has he done that before. Luckily it was just pee.
-He loves for me to put deodorant on him.
-He is talking so well. He knows all the words to some of the nursery songs & it's been really fun to hear him sing. 

Elliot's Open House

Elliot had her open house a couple of weeks ago. I love her preschool & the teachers are great. It was a jungle theme.
Here's a craft she made. Every child had to finish the sentence, "Elliot's crocodile opens her mouth to ____." Most kids said something along the lines of "eat some food, scare a lion." Elliot said, "Elliot's crocodile opens her mouth to cool off." She's pretty random.
They performed a little song and of course I thought it was the cutest thing ever!

I can't believe in just 1 month, prek will be over. And in a couple of weeks it's Kindergarten Roundup. Time is flying by. Elliot is doing really well. Some things about her lately...
-she spends forever in the bathroom fixing her hair (putting barrettes all over)
-She likes to say "let's snuggle up" when she wants to cuddle
-She hates any clothes that are stretchy
-She wants a turkey sandwich every time for her school lunch

Friday, April 18, 2014

Lane is 35!

I can't believe Lane is 35. I feel like I might as well be 35 too! We had such a fun day. I love to celebrate and although Lane could care less if he did anything on his bday, I wanted to make sure we had plans!
 The first thing we did was head out to Fort Worth. They have a bike share program where you pay to use their bikes around town & just return it to one of the docking stations. Best idea ever! We were able to bike all around town & along the Trinity River. It was so much fun & I would love to do it again. Here we are on the new West 7th bridge. After about 1.5 hours of biking we decided to head back & eat at Chuy's.
Round 2 I have no pictures of. We went to see the movie Draft Day (we liked it) and then had dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant, India Grill.
Third & final round...About 2 months ago, I mailed letters to some of Lane's friends. Their directions were to write a birthday message on a balloon & mail it back to me. So at the end of our night, I dumped all the letters onto our bed.
 He had a great time blowing them all up and reading their messages. A lot of them were from friends he hasn't seen in ages, so it was really fun for him to hear from them. Success!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Color Me Rad

This past Saturday, my girlfriends and I ran the Color Me Rad race in Fort Worth. It's been so long since I've done a 5k. It was pretty chilly outside. I had on 2 layers of pants & shirts. We did discover that we are the "grumpy old ladies". While waiting for the race to start, everyone around us is full of energy, yelling, high fiving, that sort of thing. And then you have us huddled up quietly talking & accusing them of putting on a show. There's no way they can be that pumped up, right? Yes we are stick in the muds. We didn't really get all excited until after we finished the race. And I'm pretty sure it was because we were going to Chuy's to eat! Priorities. Anyway, I had fun. And I'm proud to say I ran the whole way! I have never done that. When we finished Stephanie was saying she didn't believe that was a 5k & I was like, "don't you dare say that!" I will hold to the belief that it was a true 5k:)