Monday, August 29, 2011

Elliot Likes to Draw

...on my couch.
 And herself.
I knew the day would come when I'd walk into the office & see scribble marks on my white couch. In fact every day I hold my breath as I enter. There is no way to child proof the doors because they just push open. I have considered myself lucky until now. While I was folding clothes in my room, she had gone into the office to do the damage. When she came back to my room I saw she had drawn all over her. That's when I went to investigate. I can't believe she did that. The one room that I think is cute, she had to mess up. I wish it would have been our living room couch because that one is already looking pretty shabby. But no, she did it to the 3 month old couch. Yes it was from Ikea, but it still looked good in the space. 
So I gave her a lecture that she smiled her way through. I know she knows she wasn't supposed to do that. Every day when she draws, I say "paper only" & she's really good about it. But when I was trying to be stern with her & explain that that is NOT ok, I feel like she didn't get it. What can you do? Lane punished her by putting her head in the fan. Ok I'm kidding, well not really. The 2 incidents were totally unrelated. Later this evening he was playing with her & lifted her up to put her on his shoulders. Apparently he lifted her a little too high because her head hit the fan. *No children were hurt during this time.* She did stick her lip out for a second & then was fine. I teased him that he showed her.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Elliot is 2!

Today was Elliot's 2nd birthday. The one day I actually had to wake up early (I had an OB appt in Dallas at 8am, so we had to be out the door at 6:50am), wouldn't you know miss priss decided to sleep in! Usually she waltzes into our room at 6 or 6:30, but today we had to wake her up. I felt so bad. She's usually grumpy if she gets woken up.

 Luckily, she awoke to a room filled with balloons & streamers hanging from the door.
That made things ok.

I had wanted to get donuts for breakfast, but like I said we had to be up super early & there wasn't enough time. So I fed her once we got to my appointment. 

The rest of the day was all about Elliot. I took her to that Indoor Safari Park that we have been to once before. You know the love I have for that place (sarcasm). But she enjoyed herself.

After, we came back home for a nap. Dad had gotten home by the time she woke up, so we all got to be together.
 I finally got to hang up the Birthday Banner!
 We made a stop by Barnes & Noble to pick up 2 books. Owl at Home & Toad and Frog Together. I used to love those books when I was a kid. Then we went to the splash pad that we love, but it was out of order. So we settled for filling up the pool in the back yard. That way we all got to enjoy the cool water. For dinner we headed to Applebee's.
Once we were back home, she opened a small gift from mom & dad. I knew she would love this shirt. She is in a major Elmo phase right now. I'm talking watching Elmo dvds at least twice a day, sleeping with her Tickle Me Elmo & Elmo book. Yep, it's serious.
 Cake Time! I made this baby myself. Can you tell I'm proud? I've never done a cake like this.
 She liked it as well.
Family shot.

Elliot is at such a fun age. She is constantly saying new phrases & often repeating what we say. She is definitely turning into a little girl. Not just a baby anymore. She has started to get into coloring. She loves to be tickled more than any kid I know. We love her so much!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

32 Weeks

Well the time has come again for another OB appointment. I had an ultrasound today as well, but didn't get any pictures from it :( The tech said that she couldn't get a good look at his face. Poor Davis. I think I have like 1 ultrasound picture from this pregnancy so far. He's getting the short end of the stick. Anyway, everything looks good. Right now he is weighing in at about 4 lbs 5 oz and measuring about 2 days ahead. I'm telling you, I think he'll be early. Elliot measured small the whole way & was early. I asked my doctor what weight she thinks he'll end up at & she said probably 6 lbs 5 oz to low 7 lbs. I should get that in writing. I told her I didn't even want to hit 7 lbs. Can you tell I'm scared to deliver a larger child?

I'm feeling great, all things considered.  The only complaint I really have is still my legs. Not really charly horses anymore, but just "restless leg syndrome". I'll lay in bed at night & have the sudden urge to do a high kick to stretch them out & help relieve the irritation. After about an hour, I'll move to the couch (my new bed). I'm usually there 6 out of 7 nights. I don't know what it is, but I can fall asleep in around 15 minutes there. I should probably just start out there, but I like to at least try to be in the same bed as Lane, so I can feel like we're really married. Then I start to feel bad with all my moving around & that's when I leave so I won't annoy him.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Milk & Cookies Party: Elliot's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday we had Elliot's 2nd birthday party at the house. It was a milk & cookies theme. We woke up to pouring rain. On one hand I was so happy that we finally got some. But on the other hand, of all days, it had to be on E's party day? What are the odds with the drought that we're going through. Plus Lane hadn't mowed the lawn yet, so he had to do it when it was all wet...gross. 

FYI, none of these ideas were my own. I took them from this lady's blog. Her party was a lot fancier looking than mine, but I loved how ours turned out. Everything went great. I felt like everyone had a good time & that's all that matters. It was definitely a full house at our place...20 adults and 24 kids. Thank you to all that came & helped celebrate with us and for all the wonderful gifts! Enjoy the pictures...

It's too bad we didn't even cut the cake. In fact, we still haven't tasted it yet. There were just so many cookies, that I don't think anyone had the appetite for one more sweet thing.
Kids cupcakes

Cookie bags
Those are picture tags on the cups. I think that was one of my favorite details.
Elliot puts her fingers to her cheeks when she says "cheese" because of the song "when you're happy & you know it".

We actually did a redo on the cake which is why there is no table cloth. Everyone had gone home at this point.
I wanted to get a picture of her blowing out the candle, since she has learned how since her 1st birthday.
Her favorite part about the presents was the tissue paper.
So glad I decided to put out the pool. It was a muggy day. Not sure if I would have preferred it to be hot & sunny or overcast & humid. It's a lose lose either way.

Thanks to Amy for lending me the bounce house. It was a hit.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dog Sitting

For the past 2 weeks we have been dog sitting Winnie. I was really dreading this, especially since it was for so long. Surprisingly she did really well. We didn't have any issues with her. Even though I've said in the past that I want a dog, this little trial run did not make me want to get in any hurry. I think the biggest issue I have is having to clean up the backyard after she does her business....that's a pain! Elliot thoroughly enjoyed herself while Winnie was around.
 Excuse her "Bozo the Clown" hair. Seriously, that's what it reminds me of when she pulls out her pig tails.

Elliot was constantly giving Winnie kisses.
 They liked to hide under the bed together.
And E liked to hid in Winnie's cage. Winnie of course did not join in.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

She Finally Knows Her Name!

30 Weeks

Now that I'm going to the OB every 2 weeks, I'm going to do little updates & pictures accordingly. So bare with me on these. I want to make a collage of belly shots for Davis's baby book. Therefore you will be seeing a lot of me in the same pose. Sorry about that! Well I am now in the 8th month of my pregnancy. I finally hit week 30 meaning I only have 10 more weeks to go, possibly less...hopefully less! Elliot came 1 week early & I have a feeling it will be the same thing with Davis, but maybe even 2 weeks early...fingers crossed.

I don't know how I can get any bigger. Even though my doctor says I'm measuring a little small, my stomach feels like it's reached it's full capacity. I can't imagine him getting any bigger. There is no space left for him. Which makes for lots of uncomfortable days for me. I am no longer able to sit upright on the couch. I really need to be sprawled out. And driving in the car is difficult as well, so I try not to go very far. I'm still having a little acid reflux here & there. But a big issue I'm having right now is leg cramps. I'm talking charly horses all up and down my legs & they usually come in the middle of the night. I did not have these with Elliot, so I was seriously thinking something was wrong. But apparently it's because of the heat and maybe because I need more calcium. I am also a lot more tired this time around. With E, I worked up until I had her, so I have no idea how I had more energy then. But now, it's hard for me to get up & going in the mornings. And in the afternoons, I'm exhausted.

Enough complaining. On the more interesting side of things, Davis's skin is now opaque, his bones have hardened except for his skull, and hair on his head is starting to grow. From this point on he is supposed to accumulate fat more rapidly, which means I will be gaining lots more weight :( I weighed in at 119.6, but I might as well round it up to 120. I'll probably be there by the end of today anyway. That's a total so far of 14 pounds since the beginning. But I think I gained 3 pounds since the last time I was there, which has only been 2 weeks! I guess I need to lay of the Haagen Daz & Blue Bell.