Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bennett's Blessing

Today we blessed this cutie pie in church. Lane gave a beautiful blessing. Bennett has lots of wonderful things ahead of him. Wish I would have gotten a picture of both Lane & I with Bennett. Things are just too crazy with the other kids and finding a capable person to take our picture. I actually changed back into my dress to snap this shot. Can we take a minute to admire Bennett's little ensemble? How adorable does he look?! I went out in search of something for him to wear for this occasion and future Sundays to come. Non of the blessing outfits really did it for me. Plus, he wouldn't be able to wear them more than this one time. I did see some dress clothes, but honestly, at his age, "real" clothes just swallow him. Then I stumbled upon this and another similar outfit and fell in love. All he's been living in are sleepers any way. They are the most comfortable for him. So add my 2 favorite things: sleepers and suits= SOLD.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


We are lucky enough to live around the corner from a nature reserve. We've already been 3 times since living here. This morning we went fishing and boy were we as Davis would say, "lucky ducks". Everyone caught a fish. We actually caught 7! Hot dogs were the bait of choice. The kids were so excited.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bennett 1 Month

With everything going on the past month, I have been horrible about taking pictures. Things are still in boxes and I literally haven't had a second to do anything. Baby boy has been wonderful. He has a great temperament. However he has put me through the ringer regarding his weight. When I took him in for his 4 day checkup, he had lost more weight than he should have. Therefore I had to bring him back 2 days later. Same thing the next time. I ended up going to his pediatrician 3 times in 1 week. Keep in mind that we hadn't moved yet, so I was traveling from Burleson with all 4 kids for a 5 minute visit. It was awful. I definitely didn't have time for that! At his 2 week checkup, he was doing better. When I went in for his 1 month visit, he had gained weight, but apparently not enough because he had gone down in his percentile. So as a precaution, I had to come back a week and a half later for ANOTHER weight check. Sheesh! At that visit, he had gained a pound since the last time, so we are good for now. I am supplementing with formula when I feel like he's still hungry after I feed him or if we're out and about and it's time for him to eat. So hopefully that helps. For the past month at night, he has slept in my bed and not the pack n play. It's just easier for me not having to get up to put his pacifier back in his mouth. And I feel like he is quicker to fall asleep and I need all the sleep I can get! I am making a conscience effort to put him in his pack n play. Last night he slept there until he woke up to feed. Then after that he was in bed with me:)

Here are his stats:
weight--8 lbs 1 oz--2.75%
Height--21 inches--14.37%