Tuesday, February 23, 2016

29 weeks 4 Days

I had another appointment yesterday. All looks well. Baby weighs 2 lbs 12 oz. I weigh 130 lbs. My eyes about bulged out of their sockets when I saw that. I've gained 16 pounds so far. I feel like that's too much at this point. And I know the last month I put on an average of 2 lbs per week, so YIKES. I'm pretty uncomfortable at this point. There's really no position I can stay in for too long before I have to change it up. And moving around hurts. Even when I'm just walking, I feel very sore in my pelvic area. Only a little over 2 months! We had originally scheduled my induction for April 30th, but my doctor just informed me that she'll be out of town. SO we're trying to figure out another time. The soonest after that would be 3 days before my due date. I've never lasted that long before so I'm just worried that I may go into labor while she's still out of town and another doctor would have to deliver. Usually no big deal, except for the fact that my insurance only covers her. And it was all perfect because April 30th is a Saturday and the kids wouldn't have to be toted back and forth to school. It would just be less stressful for me. Also, Lane already has the day off in addition to a couple of more right after that. If I had to wait til Tuesday, he would have to take more days off. Ugh. Just when I thought everything was set in stone. I'm waiting to hear back from her so we will see.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Funny Things

I wanted to write this down before I forgot. Both of these "funny" things were said in the same car ride. I was telling Davis that my tummy was hurting because of Bennett being inside and he pipes up and says we should come of with a different name for him. I asked him what he had in mind and he said, "Jesus". It gave me a laugh. I told him it probably wouldn't be a good idea because with a name like that he'd have a lot to live up to.

On the way home, Elliot was telling me about someone yelling really loud and she said, "It really hurt my drum sticks!" Obviously she meant ear drums:)

Valentine's Day

Here the kids are at our annual Valentine's Day breakfast. We had fruit, chocolate milk and heart shaped pancakes. For dinner that night we had heart shaped pizza. Lane and I celebrated the night before. We went to dinner at a new pizza restaurant in Fort Worth, stopped somewhere else for dessert and then headed home to watch a movie. We did have more stuff planned, but as the day came upon us, we were tired and started crossing things off our to do list. Lane surprised me with a photo blanket. I think he meant it to be a little joke and not for real. Either way it's warm. A couple of weeks before Valentine's Day I had come up with a brilliant (in my mind) idea of what we should get each other...socks. That's right. I explained to Lane that we should do this every year. We both always need them, but hate buying them because of the added cost. This would be our 1 day a year to buy them guilt free. So we did.

Cha Cha Cha Changes

We've lived in our new house about a year now and I feel the transformation from when we first got here to now is dramatic. I don't think there's been a room we haven't touched. Everything was so brown before, so we lightened things up again with gray and white. Here's a little before and after...