Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dog for a Day

I have been wanting a dog since we've been married (8yrs). I finally got one and gave it up after a day. I'm pathetic, I know. It's not that this pup was bad. In fact she was really good. We should have waited til the summer to attempt this huge undertaking. It's nearly impossible to get kids ready & fed for school by 7:30am and at the same time stand outside with your puppy to train them to use the bathroom. And while you're doing this, your 2 year old is following you around sobbing because she's a mama's girl and you're not allowed to leave her sight. SO...I could tell after 1 morning, that this would drive me insane and I just wasn't ready. Not to mention, while I was taking Elliot to school, I came back 15 minutes later to the most horrible smell ever. She had used the bathroom in her cage and then her tail had swished it around flinging pieces of poop out the sides & onto my carpet. It was a disaster. I spent over an hour cleaning everything. Not fun. The rest of the day she was great. The kids loved her. She would follow me around and sleep at my feet. I even thought, maybe we could keep her. But I think I'm just too OCD. I thought about her constantly going in and out of the house and tracking in grass and mud, especially on rainy days, and my blood pressure was just rising. So I felt it was for the best to return her before we were too attached because she was the sweetest. Maybe when the kids are older. But maybe never.