Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Perry's Party

 This was right after she fell off the bench :(

Perry is 2!

 What to say about this little one...Perry Leighton has definitely hit the twos. She's my little firecracker. She has a mind of her own and doesn't let anyone push her around. If anything, she is the boss in our house. She's talking a lot. We understand about half of it. When she's upset, she tilts her head to one shoulder, sticks her lips out and makes a "duck" face. It's pretty cute. Lately we're having major issues with her eating. She's gotten super picky. She used to try everything, but now she won't even eat her old stand bys. That's been a big challenge. Her absolute favorite thing to eat is "monkey yogurt". It's the drinkable yogurt. She will have about 3 a day. I try to give her other things, but she's not having it. Her favorite animal is her bunny. She sleeps with it every night and carries it around with her. She's still sleeping with her yum yum, but we have cut it. Hopefully we can get rid of it soon. We also need to move her to a big girl bed, but she does so well in her crib that it's hard to get up the motivation to make the switch. 

We took her to Flight Deck for her birthday. It's an indoor trampoline park. This was about as much as she jumped. Then she was over it.

Perry loves putting my shoes on. She'll walk around the whole house in them.

Since her birthday falls on New Year's Eve, she will always have something special going on. We met Amy & her family up at IHOP for dinner. Then when we got home, we sent off lanterns. You don't see her in this picture, because she was on the side crying. That has pretty much been her temperament the past week. She's getting over a cold, so she has a runny nose & cough.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Family Christmas 2014

This year we hosted Christmas to Lane's family. Everyone was able to be there except Alys & her family. We had tons of food. Everyone had a great time. I tried to decorate the tables as nice as I could, but still use paper plates. Below is a card holder I made. I love how it turned out.
Table 1
 Table 2

 Table 3
Elliot & Kara
 Miles, Asher, Dirk & Paw Paw

Aly & Chris