Sunday, May 3, 2015

Davis at 3 years 7 months

What to say about Davis...he is a mama's boy. He will walk around the house calling for me and start crying because he thinks he's lost me. He has the cutest pout face. Lips stuck our and a dramatic arm fold and "huh!" to go with it. He is obsessed with 2 things: the loopy loop ride at Six Flags and the robot cleaner in the pool. If you talk to him, chances are he'll start with one of those. When we were staying at my parent's house, he would always go get their Book of Knowledge and look through the pictures. For some reason, that made me happy. He has a weird quirk recently about highways. He doesn't like to go on them because they are "too loud". Very strange and unavoidable.

Elliot Reese at 5 years 9 months

Elliot now has a new school. We came in at a busy time of year. She has already been involved in a musical where she played the mouse. She was adorable. We both LOVE her teacher, Mrs. Harraid. She's young, energetic and communicates well. I feel like I can already see an improvement with Elliot. They write a lot more in her class now, which is great. On one assignement, they were to say why they wanted to be a zookeeper. Her answer was, "so I could pick up poop." I died laughing when she told me this. She is so random. She told me she doesn't really want to pick up poop, but couldn't think of anything else to say. LOL. 

Field trip to the zoo. She has made 2 good friends, Aurora and Gracie.

Elliot can now ride a bike without training wheels! We took them off. I helped her once and then she took off. I couldn't believe it! Now she zooms all over the place. I love having lots of driveway space for her to ride around in.

A few bits of wisdom by Elliot...

"I know why Winnie's hair is turning white. Because she eats napkins and napkins are white." (Winnie is my dog)

"Now I know why they call them slippers. Because you slip when you wear them."

"He's only 3 and doesn't even know what he's talking about." Her reply to a boy at the playground who wanted to play with Davis instead of her.

New House

We moved! We are now proud home owners of this beautiful place. This kind of happened all of a sudden. We really hadn't even planned on looking at houses until the summer. And our desired location was in Colleyville. But this popped up on Lane's Facebook page of all places and he sent it to me. Of course I thought it was nice, but didn't really give it a true go since it was in Burleson. Well one day, we had some houses lined up to see and decided to throw this one in there for fun. We really liked one house in Colleyville. So much in fact that Lane was ready to put an offer in. Then we came to this house and immediately felt right about it. We drew up a contract right there and put in an offer. There were 3 offers the same day, but luckily they accepted ours. It's an older home, built in 1972. It's on 5 acres and is not in a neighborhood. We love it. It's definitely been a labor of love. We had the whole interior repainted, painted kitchen cabinets, redid the back splash, painted the fireplace, changed out the carpet in 1 room, filled in the cutout for the wet bar, and replaced all the light fixtures. Down the road we'll redo the master bathroom and I would like to tweak the kids bathroom as well :) The weather this past month has been insane. We live up on a hill, so it has a constant breeze blowing. But we have had some severe storms with wind speeds up to 90 mph. One storm took out a large tree (the one between the 2 windows in the garage). The other storm, blew off half of another tree along with ripping off the blades of the outdoor fan on the back porch. So there's been a lot of damage control that is already wearing us out.
Here's the tree that is now gone :(
detached garage. 

Perry Leighton at 2 years 4 months

I think every family has 1 child that gives them a run for their money. Perry would be that kid. For the longest time, I thought it was Davis, but Perry turned 2 and brought the spunk. It may have even been earlier. I don't know. All I do know is she is my little firecracker. She definitely has a mind of her own. She wants what she wants and there's no reasoning with her. For instance, as soon as I turn on the tv, she starts whining for me to turn on Team Umi Zumi. I can't do it fast enough. At the dinner table the other night, she took a big drink of water, proceeded to gargle it for an obnoxious amount of time, and then fake burped. She did follow it up with "excuse me", but the whole thing was ridiculous. She did that about 20 times over and over. Here's a few pics of her shenanigans...
 Found her in the bathroom with no pants on, washing her hands.
 We stayed with my parents for 2 weeks and every night she would sleep in their bed. While this created a problem for me later down the road, it did allow me to get extra sleep.

Found her in the bathroom again. This time she had gotten into some blue finger paint. And of course this is right after I had given her a bath. 

On the flip side, she is developing by leaps in bounds in her talking. It's really fun to listen too. She has started to give me big kisses and hugs at random times. Love those little surprises. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Easter 2015

It was a low key Easter this year. We went to an Easter Egg Hunt. Davis & Perry found lots of eggs. Somehow Elliot found none. It was pretty funny. 

 Easter Basket Time

 Goggles were the big deal.

 Easter best.

Cinderella Date

We took our princesses to see the new Cinderella movie. Disney did such a good job. We all loved it. It was really fun to have a girls night.

Spring Break 2015

We took the kids on a good old fashioned road trip over Spring Break. First stop was Fredericksburg TX. We hiked Enchanted Rock. I've been wanting to do this for a while now. It was such a cool place. Definitely worth the drive. The kids did really well too hiking. It was a LONG way up, but they all made it with no complaints.

 Stopped by the house that Lane helped his dad build. The new owners have since added on.
 Next stop- San Antonio TX. Day 1 we went to Six Flags. Day 2 we visited the Alamo. I had wanted to do the Riverwalk, but it was so rainy. Luckily our hotel had an indoor swimming pool, so we stayed busy.

 We stopped by the Children's Museum. Kids had a blast.