Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting to That Age

I can already tell that Elliot is approaching the age of 2. Now don't get me wrong, she's still a good girl most of the time. But the issue we're dealing with as of this past week is her nap/bed time. What has happened to my sweet girl who never resisted these important times? Nap time has been the worst. I still put her in her crib for naps & usually it's no problem at all. But over the past week she has skipped her nap 2 days in a row & is constantly climbing out of her crib & opening her door. After returning her to her crib about 5 times, I tried putting her in the big girl bed. Of course she would just get out of there too. I even attempted to lay down with her & hold her so she couldn't move. But she is the wiggliest kid around & that lasted about 5 minutes. Then I tried putting her in the crib again, thinking she might want it this time around. Of course she didn't. So my last resort yesterday before I'm ready to ship her off to boot camp was to put her in the big girl bed & close the door. This door she can't get out of for some reason. Of course there were tears, screams, knocking on the door, etc for about 45 minutes. But finally there was silence. I didn't want to risk waking her to see where she ended up, so I waited until I was sure she was asleep to peek in on her. And there she was on her bed asleep. Whew! Since she slept in the big girl bed for her nap, I figure why stop now & put her in there again today. It was more of the same, maybe 15 minutes less of tantrums.

As for bed time...she used to be really good about sleeping in her big girl bed at night, but this past week she constantly gets out. So I did the same thing & closed the door. Tonight there was barely any crying. She went to the door once to make sure I had closed it & then got into bed & didn't get back out. Hopefully this phase will pass soon & she will no longer fight it. I am at my wits end.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Musical Doctors

27 weeks 5 days

Today I met my new OB. This is my 3rd & final doctor of this pregnancy. So glad I will not be switching again! I have to deliver at Parkland Hospital since that is where Lane works & our insurance goes through them. Because it is in the ghetto, I was pretty leery about the doctors & service I would get, but I was pleasantly surprised. I love both my doctor & my nurse. They are easy to talk to & very friendly, so that's good. The only downside is that I have to drive out there for all of my appointments. 

Today I did the glucose test (which I don't mind that drink at all). I also got the Rhogam shot & a blood type test. I was being poked all over. Baby's heart beat sounded good. They gave me this book with information about you & the baby month to month. I glanced through it & realized that I am already at the end of my 7th month of pregnancy, which I cannot believe. I guess I could have done the math, but just never have. Baby Davis weighs about 2.5 lbs & is 14 inches long. That surprised me as well. That's pretty long. I think Elliot was 19 inches when she was born. I only gained 1.5 lbs since my last visit which I am very pleased with. I will be going back for my next appointment in 2 weeks, which will start the whole every 2 week appointment thing. I can't believe I'm already at that point. Anyway, all is good.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy Weekend

This weekend was filled with lots of fun. Some of my relatives were in town (although I realize I didn't take any pictures of them!) & we spent Friday & Saturday with them. They have little kids too so we went to the Indoor Safari Park in Southlake. I had never been there before & didn't know what to expect. The part that drew us in was it being indoors! I was a little disappointed with this place. The concept was great, but it felt like the A/C wasn't turned on, there was barely anywhere to sit to watch your child play & only 2 people were working there. But that was just my adult opinion. If you ask Elliot, she would give it 2 thumbs up. I guess that's all that really mattered.
 Here she is climbing up to go down the slide.
 Flying down into the ball pit.
 They had an indoor train.
 Riding the zebra. They had a couple of other animals to choose from. They were motorized.

 A little tot area.
 Saturday was Eleanor's birthday party. She had it at the play pool like we did last year. What a difference a year makes. E was so independent, I didn't really have to stay with her much.
 She really went to town on these monkey cupcakes.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tumbling Time

I have enrolled Elliot in a couple of classes at the rec center. Today was her first day of tumbling. She absolutely loved it! I knew she would. She's been doing head stands & somersaults all over the house lately. Anyway, I felt the class was really organized & the teacher was great. She learned lots of new things which is always exciting. Here she is with her teacher on the uneven bars doing pull ups.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Splash Pad

My friend was telling me about a splash pad near our house, so Elliot & I ventured out to find it. She had so much fun running around. And it was nice for me because I could just sit in the shade & watch her.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lane's 1st Paycheck

Lane received his first paycheck as a doctor about a week ago. I thought I'd post it because it's pretty comical...a measly $182. It was only for one day (whew!). I'll be interested to see the next one so I'll know about how much to expect each month.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Festivities

We kicked things off Friday night at Amy's sister's house. She had TONS of food! We swam and afterward headed to watch fireworks.

 Saturday we were supposed to go to a friend's lake house, but I was deathly sick all day. I ended up running between my bed & the toilet all day long. No fun. Sunday I felt better, just weak. Monday we went with my mom & Patrick's family to the Arlington parade. I always go to this with my mom. It used to be better back in the day with really elaborate floats, but now people just get in a trailer & wave. Oh well. Elliot still enjoyed herself.

Elliot & Eleanor sharing a seat.
She loved waving at the people in the parade.

Later that night we went to my sister's to swim & bbq. Unfortunately Lane got sick from me, so he wasn't feeling well. We decided it was best to leave early. I was so upset that I still wasn't feeling well enough to eat anything. Oh well, I don't need any help in the gaining weight department.