Saturday, July 11, 2015

Adorable Kids

I looked over at Davis eating his cereal the other day & I mean, come on. How stinkin cute is he?! I love his crazy morning bed head and his expressions were just priceless.

 The other day before church, he came into the bathroom & told me he was ready to go. I looked over & he had 3 cars stuffed into his pocket. True boy right there.

 And then there's this kid. After a day of being a toot, she says look at me & flashes this face. I guess she decided she would be happy now.

Sunflower stop

I drove by this sunflower field the other day & fell in love. I'm not even a sunflower person, but looking at this field just made me happy. So the next day I drug out the family to take some pictures. I thought for sure the kids would think it was the coolest thing ever. They proved me wrong & were pretty uncooperative the entire time. We did manage to get a few nice shots, so I'll rule it as a success.

 This is how it really was the whole time. Perry crying for me, Davis constantly rubbing his eyes & wiping his nose & Elliot just being grumpy.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Kindergarten Graduate

Elliot is headed to 1st grade! She started off at Delany Elementary in Mrs. Wall's class. She loved it there & made some really good friends. 2 months before the school year ended we moved to Burleson, so she finished her year off at North Joshua Elementary in Mrs. Harraid's class. She did absolutely fabulous this year and has improved so much. Once she started at the new school, I feel like she improved even more. She was doing a lot more writing. All of a sudden she could read. It was very exciting. We are so proud of our little girl and can't wait to see what's ahead for her in 1st grade.

Summer fun

Lots of swinging, zip lining & swimming going on this summer.

Perry insists on laying on top of me while I'm tanning.