Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Belly Shot

About 21 weeks
Here is a belly shot for my friends who do not believe that I have one. It's there! I'm at the point to where it's uncomfortable sitting and bending over for anything. I feel like I've hit this stage a little too soon. So far I've gained 7 lbs and again, I feel like that's a little too much too soon. Yikes. 

Anyway, I had an appointment today & my doctor kept referring to Davis as a "she". So when she asked if I had any questions, I was like, "Um ya...is it still a boy??" I had just had an ultrasound with the tech & I guess she had written down girl. So after double checking the pictures, they were able to confirm that it is still a boy. Whew! Other than that, nothing newsworthy to report.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Doctor Blankenship

Lane is officially a doctor! Congratulations to him for all of his hard work. We are so proud. He will be an emergency room doctor. Starting at the end of June, he will start his first job at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. His contract is for 3 years (this is also called his residency). After that he can work wherever he wants.

Here are some pictures of his graduation...
Our family
 His dad & step mom (Alan & Brenda)
His mom & step dad (Rich & Jan)
 My parents (Charles & Pat)
Receiving his diploma
Sorry it's blurry...his class
 Lane & Nate

 Sweet Pea

Lane also received 2 awards:
1)The Merck Manual Award
2)Outstanding Student in Emergency Medicine

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goodbye to a Dear Friend

Lane & I have been talking about selling the jeep for the past few months. Well actually, he brought it up. I wanted to keep it. It's paid off & in great condition. Plus it has lots of trunk space. Anyway, he posted it on Autotrader a while back & we got absolutely no interest. So we dropped the issue. Then the other day we went into Carmax to see what we could get for it. Their offer was a little too low for us, so again we kind of dropped it. Then Lane posted the Jeep again on some website. A lady called about it, came out & test drove it & ended up buying it...tear. It all happened so fast that I was in a state of shock afterwards. Now we have no car and we leave for Houston tomorrow with my parents. So we won't be able to look for another until Memorial Day. I'm so anxious about it. I hate being in this state of limbo. Not sure what kind of car we'll get. I just know that it will have better gas mileage than the Jeep.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What the Hail?

 Did anyone else get hail last night? I was surprised we did, but it was coming down pretty good. Lane wanted to go outside like an idiot while it was still hailing to get one, but I put my foot down.
This was the average size.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rain Forest Cafe

Amy invited us to the Rain Forest Cafe to celebrate Cru's birthday on Friday. I have been wanting to take Elliot here for a while & was so excited to see her reaction. She absolutely LOVED it! And that is probably an understatement. I would highly recommend going here. It's so interactive. Every 10 minutes or so the lights would flash & you would hear all the animal noises & see them move. She got a real kick out of that. There's just so many things to look at. She was clapping, dancing & just so happy the entire time.
 Kinsley, Elliot & Lane
 Don't these elephants look real?

 One of the many gorillas.
 These next few pictures aren't great, but show Elliot's pure joy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Elliot Update

We took Elliot to see the Orthopedic doctor today. He put a full cast on her foot and also gave her a boot to put on top of it. She has to wear it for a full month. I was actually surprised. I figured he'd just take off the other cast & she would have to just stay off it until she felt better. The good thing is that it doesn't go above her knee like the other one did, so she can move around a lot easier. I can already tell a difference. She's dragging herself around & even pulling up on things to stand. So there's major improvement. I think/hope she'll start walking with the boot in the next few days. As bad as it sounds, I can't handle carrying her around all day every day. The bad news is that our plans are now ruined for getting a summer pass to our local kid pool. We were so looking forward to that. I'll be able to get it in July, but Lane will be back at work by then, so we won't get to go as a family. Oh well.
Here she is in her hot pink cast & removable boot. As weird as it sounds, it's actually pretty cute on her.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Playground Accident

While we were at the park yesterday, Elliot went down the slide on Lane's lap & half way down her foot got caught between the wall of the slide & Lane's leg. That resulted in her ankle twisting. She cried for about an hour & then she calmed down. There was no swelling or bruising, but she wouldn't put any weight on it & therefore wouldn't walk. We figured that it was probably just really sore and would give it some time. We wrapped it up with an Ace bandage.
 This morning was no different. Still no swelling or bruising and no walking. We decided to take her into the ER to make sure there were no broken bones. I couldn't imagine there being because she would be in a lot more pain, but then again she was in a lot of pain when we tried to make her stand. So off we went. They took 2 x-rays which came up clean. The doctor was more concerned because she wouldn't walk, which made him think there was something else. He called Cook's Children's Hospital & spoke with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. He explained how she got the injury & that doctor said it sounds like a toddler fracture, which doesn't show up on x-rays. He told our doctor to put a plaster splint on her & for us to make an appointment with him in a couple of days.
Here it is. A bit dramatic, but it doesn't allow her to move her leg. Under the bandage is a  hard cast-like splint. She doesn't look like she's in any pain, which makes us look stupid for bringing her in. But obviously something is going on that's preventing her from walking. We'll call it a fracture for now.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pictures of the House

Elliot's future room.
 Master Bedroom
 There are too many angles in the master bath, so I just took a picture of my favorite part...the shower!
 Guest bathroom
 Kitchen. Look at all those cabinets!
 Eating area
 Living room
 Elliot's current room. Baby's future room.
Garage. This is also one of my favorite "rooms". It's so nice to be able to have a place to park your car inside & take the groceries in. It's kind of a big deal :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're Having a...


I went to my new OB today (who I love!) & we finally got a real ultrasound. Her machine wasn't very good, but she said it's pretty obvious. Lane could tell too. I on the other hand cannot read those things to save my life so I'm taking their word for it. I have my "official" ultrasound in June, but the results should remain the same.

We are so excited to be adding a boy to our little family. It will definitely be a huge change since I know nothing about boys. But I'm sure it will be fine. We can't wait to meet little Davis Reid (his name) in October!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our New Place

Here is our new house! We are just renting it. So far we are loving it. We moved from a 900 sq foot apartment & now have almost 1900 sq feet, so you can imagine how much better it is for us. Our neighborhood is really quiet which is great. We have already met the neighbors across the street from us & on both sides of us. They are all retired & so nice! 

Since we got here on Saturday, we have been busting our butts unpacking & getting everything in it's place. We spent the entire day today organizing the garage, trimming bushes, planting more grass, and trying to find some kind of plant to cover up the ugly black rock wall. I think we have a solution--we're going to plant 3 Oleander bushes in front of it. Those are supposed to fill out & grow pretty tall so it will work perfectly. Plus they have pink flowers, so that will be pretty.

Anyway, tomorrow we'll spend the day planting the bushes & then in the back yard, we're going to plant wildflowers. We figure that will be easiest. A house it so much more work, but I think it's definitely worth it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

This past Sunday we went to my sister's house to celebrate my mom's 61st birthday. I was lucky enough to catch my mom flipping the camera off. Not on purpose of course. Her hand was just placed at a weird position which makes it all the more funny. 
We joke that she's ticked off at us for making her wear the hat.