Sunday, September 21, 2014

Elliot's School Friend

Just wanted to make a note of Elliot's 1st school friend. Her name is Taylor. We have been hearing about Taylor since the beginning of school. Elliot was invited to her birthday party, so I finally got to put a name with a face. They are so cute together. They were hugging all over each other. It was pretty funny to watch.

Outdoor Exploring

Lately we have tried to get outdoors. There's not too many options around here, but we managed to find a couple of places. Sadly, Elliot couldn't be with us the first 2 times we went because of school. We went to Cedar Ridge Preserve and hiked a few trails.

Another day we went out to the Fort Worth Nature Preserve. They had lots of things to see. Right off the bat we saw a turtle crossing the road. We got out of the car & grabbed it to show Davis. There was also a caged skunk, bobcat & owl. Perry LOVED the owl. We went on a walk through a marsh area. On another trail we came across a SNAKE! Luckily Lane spotted it. It raised it's head up at us, but decided to go the other way. We were so shocked that this was the best picture we could get. The snake was at least 4 feet long!

Elliot was able to be with us when we went to check out Dinosaur Valley State Park. The kids loved the dinosaurs. We went on a few trails there as well.