Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Switching Beds

In a couple of weeks we will be moving (more on that later). And when we do, we will not have a crib. We gave ours away when we last moved because my parents have one. Anyway, I thought it might be better to go ahead and transition Davis to a big boy bed. Elliot switched over at 18 months. Davis is 20 months. If we hadn't been forced into it, I probably would put this off a bit longer. But I had to go ahead and bite the bullet. So I started it off at nap time yesterday. Of course he didn't stay in his bed and rushed straight to the door as soon as I left the room. I just made sure he couldn't get out and he soon realized he was stuck in there. So he decided to play with his toys for a while. But eventually he fell asleep!...on the floor next to his bed! LOL! Whatever. I'll take it. Here he is below.
 And then last night we tried it again. He did really well. I took the toys out of his room this time. And this time he fell asleep ON the bed. I'm really pleased with how yesterday went. Hopefully it will continue! Here he is again last night.
And here he is at today's nap. He did really well. On the bed again...kind of. 
Half way on the top bed, half way on the bottom bed.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Perry's 2nd Passport Photo

I received a letter the other day stating that the picture we originally took for Perry's passport was not accepted because it was overexposed. We thought that would be the case since we received both Davis & Elliot's passports, but not Perry's. It's a little annoying considering we went to the post office to have the pictures taken by their "passport lady". She's supposed to be the expert on these things. Anyway, I just went to CVS to get them retaken. Hopefully this time it will work! This picture is slightly better than her previous one. I just wish she would have gotten a smile!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rice Cereal

At 4 months Perry got the go ahead from the doctor to start rice cereal. I decided to wait til 5 months to try it out. She is the 1st to actually LIKE it. All of my other ones made gagging faces after their first taste and never really took to it. Perry on the other hand had nothing but smiles. She even did pretty well with the spoon. Maybe it's because I waited a month. Who knows.